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The Internet is slow in New Zealand

by on 14 September 2009, under New Zealand, Other blogs

I know a lot of people out there are just sitting and waiting for a new blog post from me – they’ll need to wait a bit longer. My two weeks of vacation from the university are about to end. During those two weeks I have been traveling around which of course have resulted in a lot of photos. Right now I’m trying to upload them to Flickr and I really don’t want to put my posts about my trips up before I have some photos online to make them just a bit more interesting to skip through. Of course I could just begin by uploading the couple of photos I intend to post directly on the blog, but that would be more cumbersome than just waiting for iPhoto to finish its uploads.

It will probably take a couple of days for all the photos to be uploaded since my internet is extremely slow. The Internet in New Zealand is extremely slow. I know it’s an extremely nerdy thing to say but having proper internet is actually one of the things I miss most about Denmark. I’m really looking forward to go back home and once again be able to download my video podcasts in HD without having to wait several days and be worried about some bizarre limit on data use.

And NO, it is not causing me to spend my time on something more sensible. On the contrary, the slow internet makes me so much more inefficient since it is not possible to quickly look something up and afterwards continue with something else. I have never spend so much time looking at a “Loading” message in the address bar of a browser as I have been doing down here.

I could continue complaining (e.g. Skype and Slingplayer are almost useless down here) but I think you’ve got my point: Exciting news about my mid-semester break will follow in a couple of days. And now you also know why the title of Josh’ blog is so perfect.

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Money problems

by on 25 August 2009, under New Zealand, PSV, Other blogs

The following is probably one of the most serious posts so far.

I am usually quite good at handling my finances if I may say so myself. For my stay here in New Zealand I had also drawn up a fine budget and I had planned that it should be financed by a bit of savings, a scholarship from the government paying the tuition fee and a couple of other scholarships. Before I left Denmark I had received a fine amount of money from scholarships from the following foundations, which I want to take the opportunity to send a kind thought to:

Otto Mønsteds Fond (12,000 DKK = 3,370 NZD)
Knud Højgaards Fond (9,000 DKK = 2,525 NZD)
Oticon Fonden (7,000 DKK = 1,960 NZD)

These scholarships was a contributing factor to a nice big plus on my bank account a couple of weeks ago. Therefore I was naturally a bit surprised when I logged into my bank account via the internet and saw that most of my money had suddenly disappeared. I do spend a bit of money down here but I still had trouble explaining a small hole of about 14,000 DKK (approx 4,000 NZD).

It turned out to be due to some weird transactions to (among other things) WWW.NIKESTORE.COM as it was nicely printed with capital letters in my account history. I told this to my bank which of course closed my Visa card – the only card I brought with me to New Zealand. So now I don’t have any way to get hold of what is left of my money, and I’ll have to borrow from friends which is not quite optimal, contrary to what some people might think. It doesn’t help that Skott and I decided to buy a car yesterday for which we’ll have to pay tomorrow. I was supposed to get the rest of my part of the cash payment today but the ATM declined it.

I have now opened a bank account here in New Zealand which I can transfer some money to, a new Visa card should be on the way from Denmark (although it will probably take some weeks to get it) and PBS (the company that handles credit cards transactions in Denmark) has been contacted so that I can hopefully get my money back soon. In other words: It’s all going to be OK, but I think I would rather not have had this particular experience.

To end on a positive note I want to continue referring to other blogs. This time it is my American friend, TJ, who has started a blog which can be found at TJ is yet another of The Village People (i.e. he also lives in Parnell Student Village – PSV) and his blog already contains extremely exciting posts about his shopping trips to the local supermarket, Foodtown. And if that is not positive enough I can mention that I tomorrow am going to watch Quentin Tarantino’s newest masterpiece, Inglorious Basterds, which I am really looking forward to. It is a well-known fact that the guy is a genius and I have only heard good things about the movie so I’m sure it is going to be a successful trip to the cinema.

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A small reminder

by on 24 August 2009, under Other blogs

This is not something you see very often: A short and concise post on my blog! I just want to remind you that I try upload all the photos I take to Flickr – just click on the link before the dash. I try pretty hard to put everything up somewhat sorted but it isn’t always easy since it doesn’t seem like iPhoto is geared to work with an internet connection as slow as the one I am in possession of. Therefore some photos seem to missing here and there.

I also want to use this opportunity to remind you that I do link to other peoples blogs at the bottom of the page. I have already mentioned Skotts blog a couple of times but there are some other interesting ones. For instance my sister has a nice photoblog which I have been told can easily be found by googling “Jonas Ahmt” and click on the appropriate link (at least I know that this was at some point the way most people got to the blog and I wouldn’t mind if this became the case once again, so please go ahead and google my name and go to my sister’s blog). Of newcomers I can mention Josh’ blog which has an appropriate name (The Internet is Slow in New Zealand). Josh is an American friend from PSV so naturally he writes in English. For a rather small group of the people reading this blog (the people from DTU and Ea) I can refer to Pauli’s blog about my DTU friend’s and work colleague’s (is there supposed to be an “s” at the end of both words in the genitive here? I asked the same question in Danish) experiences with his studies in San Diego, USA.

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Another view

by on 18 July 2009, under New Zealand, UoA, Other blogs

I am not the only Dane who has gone to New Zealand to study applied mathematics. My dear study buddy, Jonas Skott Sigtenbjerggaard has also gone down here to study the same stuff as me. You can read his blog about the stay down here at where he also uploads some of the photos he takes during our adventures on the opposite side of the globe.

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