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The climbing trip

by on 23 August 2009, under New Zealand, Climbing, Hiking

Warning: Skip the first TWO paragraphs if you are in a hurry or just don’t want to waste a couple of minutes of your life reading a bunch of sentences which lead nowhere. I cannot give you those minutes back afterwards.

OK, this is going to be tough to do in English, since I suppose no one will know who Sidney Lee is. I did consider for two seconds to actually translate a YouTube clip with him but then realized what a horrible action it would be to expose the world outside of Denmark to Sidney Lee. You just need to know that he’s a weird Danish guy who’s participating in every possible Danish reality show on TV and speaks Danish with a weird American accent occasionally using random English words in the middle of sentences, possibly to appear more “cool”. He’s a “professional video gamer” and a wannabe wrestler among other things. And now on to how the posts starts in Danish (but of course translated into English):

I know a lot of people have been looking forward to this blog post… Or, actually I don’t know that, I just imaging that… To be honest, I don’t really trust that a lot of people want to read a lot of the bullshit I’m writing here and therefore I do not even imaging that. Possibly it is something I want to imaging. I am probably the only one (maybe along with my my sister) who has been looking forward to seeing how Sidney Lee could possibly ever get mentioned on my blog about my stay in New Zealand. As you might remember, dear reader, my last blog post did end with a teaser for a future Sidney Lee reference. This was mostly done in order to give some kind of illusion that I actually have an idea about what I’m going to write when I sit down to write my blog. Sometimes stories get better if they are told by an all-knowing narrator who can hint about future events. The stories on my blog are hardly improved this way, though, especially when I tend to use teasers about something as irrelevant and simple as a Sidney Lee reference. It becomes even worse when I use sentence after sentence to build it up like it is something which is definitely not – just like I’m doing now. But I did promise a Sidney Lee reference so I will deliver it! Therefore, without further ado, let’s begin on what could have been one of my shortest blog posts so far, had it not been for the above nonsense (which isn’t really true, I can see now after having written it all).

The thing is that the two last weeks haven’t really been filled with a lot of excitement, fun and adventure to talk about as some of the previous weeks. I can mention that I last Tuesday went to the cinema once again (the weird one with the large amount of room for your legs) to see Public Enemies. It is really nice that it is so cheap to go to the cinema down here compared to in Denmark (especially on Tuesdays), and I could easily see myself going to the movies more often back home if the price was just somewhat near the 10 NZD it costs down here. Maybe I should consider to resume my previous job as a movie reviewer at Movieglance when I get back home. Public Enemies is definitely a recommendable movie. It tells the story of the famous American bank robber John Dillinger who had his days of glory in the 30’s. I didn’t really like the beginning of the movie which contained a lot of short, quickly cut scenes which were sometimes a bit confusing. As the movie progresses, though, the focus shifts more towards the characters which makes it a lot better, although you newer get to learn as much about them as you would really like to.

Wednesday I decided to go to Aurac’s (the climbing club, you might remember) weekly “club night” to try climbing at the climbing walls at the university’s Recreation Centre. I must admin it wasn’t exactly a roaring success. It started with me arriving a couple of minutes late which meant all the club’s climbing shoes and harnesses were already taken. However, I found a group of friends with whom I made an agreement to take turns to use the gear. We hadn’t really needed this agreement since I already during the first climb did something wrong with my left arm. It is at this point in the story that I regret having talked so much about Sidney Lee since I will now have to follow up with the following Sidney Lee quote (since I obviously can’t delete what I have written above):

“It’s one thing to hurt your body, right? If you hit your neck or something, right? [But] if you hit something inside of you, “internal”, then it’s fucked up.” [note: he actually uses “internal” and “fucked up” instead of Danish words].

However, it was not this way for me… and this way I complete my worst follow up to a teaser so far on my blog which may be seen as some kind of (sad) achievement. Sometimes I wonder if this blog could be used as the Internet’s answer to an old Danish TV show called TV Sluk (TV Turn Off) which was a series of really boring shows broadcasted in order to get people to turn off their television (which I for some reason found to be pretty funny).

I am assuming that I had just suffered some kind of minor strain and I kept away from the climbing walls the rest of the night. My arm was fine a couple of days later (thanks for asking). That was lucky (I assumed) since the climbing trip to Froggatt Edge with Aurac, which had previously been cancelled due to bad weather a couple of weeks before, was rescheduled to start the following Friday. However, Thursday I was told that the trip had been delayed yet again. Once again the lovely New Zealand weekend rain cold proudly take responsibility. The trip was only delayed until the next day at 7 o’clock in the morning which meant I had to get up at 5:30 – my favorite time to get up a Saturday morning (at this point I might need to remind the reader(s) that I do occasionally use what is called “irony”).

The weather still did not look promising this early Saturday morning and unfortunately it didn’t get any better as we went south. Therefore we could easily see that we couldn’t do any outdoor climbing Saturday. The course was instead set for Otorohanga which was supposed to have some nice indoor climbing walls. Otorohanga is a small town, approximately 2.5 hours from Auckland. I have now visited that town three times. It is like something has to go wrong or has already gone wrong whenever I arrive there. The first two times was in connection with our Waitomo Caves adventure which was drowned in water at our first visit and was therefore replaced by a visit to the disappointing Kiwi House (which was mostly populated by ducks). This time something went wrong again, of course. The club was closed at Saturdays due to “financial problems” – thank you very much world spanning recession. I don’t really like that town anymore…

In frustration, people tried to climb anything they possibly could get near to.

Instead we took a small hiking trip and played a bit of frisbee and football in the rain by some paths close to Waitomo Caves. It was quite fun but not exactly what I had expected when I signed up for a “climbing trip”. About 4 o’clock we drove to some nearby camping grounds and set up tents and a shelter above the one bench at the area so we could get a bit away from the rain. It kept raining all evening and night but due to the good company it wasn’t that bad at all. Unfortunately the rain kept going the next day also so we chose to split up: Some people went to some hot water springs a bit outside of Auckland while the rest of us just went straight home. I was getting a bit tired of water so I went home from the climbing trip without having climbed a single thing.

On the hiking track there were a couple of caves we climbed into. Here it is Morten (yet another Norwegian) coming out from a cave.

Throwing tubes at poles… that’s how bored we were.

At some point we considered renaming the club “The Standing Around Club” – we spend a lot of time STANDING under cover to avoid the rain.

That was the week two weeks ago. The week which has just past haven’t really contained anything exciting except for my upcoming car purchase. However, I will wait with that until I get the car this Tuesday.

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