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Part 2: Random background information

by on 21 December 2009, under New Zealand

Background info 1:
New Zealand is basically divided in two big islands (there are some smaller islands scattered around but let us just ignore those for a moment). They are cleverly named The North Island and The South Island – you will only be granted one guess as to how they are placed. Auckland, where my studies have taken place, is based on the northern part of The North Island. With this city as a base I had succeeded in seeing great parts of the North Island during the semester (which this blog has hopefully given a small indication of), especially during my two week break in the middle of the semester. Therefore it had long been the plan to spend most of my last days in New Zealand at the South Island which most people say is the most beautiful part of NZ – and I concur.

Background info 2:
The next couple of posts I will probably name a couple of people several times. Instead of having to introduce these people randomly scattered around I will instead give a random introduction of them here. They are the five people I traveled with, a nice mix of Danes and Norwegians:

Skott (DK), 25: My study buddy from back home who has been mentioned several times at this blog already. Other people may know him by his first name, Jonas, but we soon realized that a lot of problems can come from having two Jonases from Denmark, studying the exact same thing, taking all the same courses, both living in Parnell just walking around pretending this is a normal thing. Unfortunate associations with e.g. The Jonas Brothers was put forward several times which I don’t think is a good thing, although I must admit that I have never heard their music as far as I know. Back in Denmark we are Skott and Ahmt; in New Zealand we were Skott and Jonas.

Søren (DK), 25: Also known as Shawn, Shaun, Sun, Son or whatever foreign people said when fighting with the weird Scandinavian vowel “ø” (no, it’s not the number zero). Søren was the very first person Skott and I met when we arrived in Auckland – he had arrived with the same plane as us and took the same shuttle to the city as we did. We have kept in touch ever since which proved to be a good idea since Søren is one of the most entertaining persons I can imagine spending time with. Studies sociology, has traveled a lot and is always ready with some absurd story from his own life.

Borghild (NO), 23: One of my flatmates from PSV. I met her in the beginning of the semester at a quiz night arranged by the university (part of the introduction week) where she told me that she had applied for student accommodation. The next day she moved into the same flat as I lived in. During the semester I have successfully introduced her to the great TV shows Firefly og The Big Bang Theory (“random introduction to people” means me stating random facts). Studies computer science.

Kristian (NO), 28: The oldest in the group. I met him through Borghild. Kind of like Skott and me they had arrived together from the same university and they also knew each other beforehand – no-one ever tried to call them The Jonas Brothers, though. He also lived in PSV, just as Skott, Borghild and I did. The only one from the group who stuck with Skott and me the whole way.

Caroline (NO), 21: The other car owner in the group. I also met Caroline in the beginning of the semester, the very first day of the introduction week where you ran into a lot of the new international students. As with all the others in the group, Caroline was one of the people I had kept in touch with since the beginning of the semester. Before she got to New Zealand she had been surfing in other parts of the world. Therefore she had (earlier in the semester) been tasked with teaching Skott, Søren and Kristian this noble art form. Studies electro engineering mixed with some business as far as I have been able to understand.

The group (later named The Jonas Family) from left to right: Søren, Borghild, mig, Skott, Kristian, Caroline.

That has got to be enough background information. Finally the story about our travels can begin – in the next post, that is.

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